Universal One Smartphone Holder

The Ultimateaddons Universal One Smartphone Holder has been designed to allow you to mount a vast amount of Smartphones to a range of vehicles. Most of the universal holders on the market today are not secure enough to allow you to transfer the holder from one vehicle to another. The One holder is designed to allow you the easy transition from car to bicycle to motorcycle / scooter. If you share your car with your partner you may find your phone holder does not fit theirs, this One holder will fit a wide range of phones and will allow you to keep your protective case on your phone while attaching it to the holder.

One Holder Features

Suitable Width 50-80mm
Suitable Height 120-170mm
Suitable Depth 5-15mm
Connection 3 Prong Female

Use your Smartphone in your car for work

Do you need to use GPS satellite navigation in your car to get to your work appointment's?

This Ultimateaddons universal holder is designed to allow to to mount on any Ultimateaddons 3 and 1 prong car mounting attachments including air vent, windscreen, dashboard attachments.

Keep your Smartphone protected while mounted in your car by not removing it from its protective case. In most cases you will not have to remove your protective / bumper case from your Smartphone as the universal holder will expand to suit your needs.

The image shown displays the Universal One Smartphone holder connected to the Ultimateaddons Pro Air Vent Mount Attachment with the Sony Xperia Z2 safely attached.

Use your Smartphone to track your fitness while you're out on your bicycle

Are you a keen cyclist? The One holder offers a secure and reliable grip to your Smartphone, making it ideal for cycling. Whether you are a road, track or mountain cyclist there are so many good apps including Strava, MapMyRide etc for your Smartphone that will not only track your cycle route but also give you stats on speed / distance so on which are great if you want push yourself to improve.

Cycling in the countryside opens up lot of gorgeous landscapes you will just want to stop and take a picture with your Smartphone. The holder has a quick release button on the back that will unlock the adjustable arm and allow you remove your Smartphone quickly.

We also off a range of quick release mounting attachments which allow you to press a button and detach the holder from the attachment while keeping your Smartphone secure in the holder.

The image shown displays the Universal one Smartphone holder connected to the Ultimateaddons Helix Strap Locking Handlebar Attachment with a Samsung Galaxy S6 in its protective case.

Use your Smartphone as GPS Satellite Navigation while touring on your motorcycle

Why spend more on a dedicated motorcycle Satellite Navigation System when today's Smartphones are more powerful and offer many more useful features while mounted to your motorcycle?

If you are planning touring Europe on your motorcycle this attachment could be ideal, you wont get any issues with your Smartphone overheating in the warmer climates as your Smartphone will have a constant air flow.

The Ultimateaddons 3 prong connection system offers a vast amount of mounting options for all styles of motorcycles. We offer handlebar attachments, mirror attachments, fork stem attachments, adhesive attachments for fairings, we aim to have an attachment to suit all motorcycles.

We have designed this holder to grip your Smartphone securely at three points, this assures a secure fit and also leaves plenty of space for access for 3.5mm audio cables and charging cables for most Smartphones.

The holder is supplied with a waterproof pouch that will help protect your Smartphone from elements.

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