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Huawei P Series Top Clamp Motorcycle Universal Tough Case Kit

  • Own an adventure style motorcycle and a Huawei P series smartphone, this mounting kit will be exactly what your loking for.  This mounting kit is great for adventure motorcycles, where the bolt on your handlebar can be removed and replaced with Ultimateaddons top clamp attachment. Combined with the universal tough Smartphone case suitable for the Huawei P, this will keep your phone dry and protected while on your journey.

    Desgined for phones up to 160x80x9mm
    Ideal for adventure motorcycles
    Tough Wateproof IPX5 Case
    Satnav / Intercomms / MP3 Player all from your Smartphone
  • Included

    1. Universal tough case (Gen1)
    2. 25mm to 3 prong adapter 3
    3. Handlebar clamp bolt


    1. 3" extender

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