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Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Motorcycle Fork Stem Touring Kit


Fork Stem Size
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  • Get your Samsung Galaxy S8 mounted to your sportsbike / sports touring motorcycle with our fork stem kit.   This yoke mount kit for the Samsung Galaxy S8 will allow you to mount your phone into the middle of the bars via the fork stem attachment.  This attachment is designed specifically for sportsbikes and sports touring motorcycles.  If you want to go touring we highly recommend a power option as you will find the battery drain on your Galaxy S8 to be very high when your running Full Backlight / GPS / Bluetooth.
  • Features

    1. Specifically for Samsung Galaxy S8
    2. Waterproof design (rated to IPX5)
    3. Fingerprint sensor access
    4. New kick stand integrated onto rear of case for landscape use
    5. Waterproof buttons for Volume and Power Buttons
    6. Green Shock absorbing silicone layer
    7. Record video / take photos while mounted
    8. Easy access locking clips with 3 new pressure clips
    9. Ultimateaddons® Hard Wire and Din Hella charging cables can be used
    10. 3 prong connection system 

    Touch Screen

    1. Touch screen can be used without gloves 
    2. Some gloves will work, need to be thin to allow static
    3. Touch screen pens work


    1. 175 x 105 x 25mm


    1. Bluetooth headset recommended for taking / making calls 
    2. Wired headset can also be used
  • Features

    1. 5 sizes available
    2. Suitable for most sports and touring motorbikes
    3. Simple to install, just needs an Allen Key to fit!
    4. 1" ball connector allows Ultimateaddons® Mounting holders to be attached.

    Size Check

    1. Locate forkstem, remove cap / cover if applicable
    2. Measure internal diameter of fork stem
    3. Check to see if diameter changes (most cases does not)


    1. Locate forkstem, remove cap / cover if applicable
    2. Insert fork stem attachment
    3. Use Allen key to tighen
    4. Check fitting is secure
    5. Fit rubber cap over attachment
  • Hardwire Kit

    1. Fits 99% of motorcycles
    2. Simple installation, connects directly to battery terminals
    3. Waterproof connection ideal for all year round biking

    Din / Hella / Auxilary Kit

    1. Popular connection found on BMW / Triumph / Ducati
    2. Tends to be an option to be fitted to new motorcycles
    3. Looks like a 12v cigarette socket only smaller 
  • Features

    1. Connects to 25mm ball
    2. Allows greater flexibility of positioning
    3. Can raise device higher, ideal if using with a tankbag

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