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Bicycle U-Bolt Action Camera Mounting Kit for GoPro


  • Ultimateaddons handlebar cycle mount kit for GoPro Hero action cameras is ideal if your looking to record and share your ride.  This kit is supplied with a metal handlebar attachment and offers a 25mm ball head mounting point. 
  • Compatibility

    1. Gopro action cameras
    2. Flat surface ideal for GoPro 3M adhesive
    3. 25mm connection


    1. 3 prong connection
    2. Strong ABS plastic
    3. Record video / take photos while mounted
  • Features

    1. Compatible with large range of bicycle handlebars
    2. 16-20mm U-Bolt
    3. 25-32mm U-Bolt
    4. Simple to install
    5. 1" ball connector allows Ultimateaddons® Mounting holders to be attached.

    Size Check

    1. Locate suitable position on bars 
    2. Measure diameter


    1. Select correct size U-Bolt
    2. Place rubber spacer around bar
    3. Attach U-Bolt
    4. 3/4 tighten
    5. Check angle of 25mm
    6. Once happy fully tighten
    7. Periodically check tightness 
  • Features

    1. Connects to 25mm ball
    2. Allows greater flexibility of positioning
    3. Can raise device higher or angle to the side if required.

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