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Handlebar Strap 21-40mm Bicycle Mount + Dedicated Holder for iPhone 6 6S 7 8 Plus 5.5

  • Want to record your cycle with your Apple iPhone 6, 6s, 7 or 8 Plus?  This dedicated holder combined with the locking strap handlebar attachment will safely mount your smartphone and let you track your cycle.
  • Compatibility

    1. Apple iPhone 8+ Plus
    2. Apple iPhone 7+ Plus
    3. Apple iPhone 6s+ Plus
    4. Apple iPhone 6+ Plus


    1. Record video / take photos while mounted
    2. Easily view your phone for GPS/Tracking
    3. Lightweight and compact design
    4. Can be used in portrait or landscape mode
    5. 3 prong connection system


    1. 165mm x 90mm x 15mm
  • Features

    1. Compatible with large range of bike styles
    2. 21-40mm diameter
    3. Strong plastic
    4. Simple to install, not tools required
    5. 3 prong quick release connection

    Size Check

    1. Locate suitable position on bars 
    2. Measure diameter to ensure between 21-40mm
    3. Approximately 44mm x 62mm space required to fit this attachment

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