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Motorcycle Fork Stem Tough Waterproof Case Kits - Apple Phone 7 / 7 Plus

  • Do you ride a sportsbike and want to mount your iPhone to use for satnav?  This mounting kit is designed to allow you to mount and protect your Apple iPhone 7 /7 Plus.    You are going to be taking your iPhone 7 with you so why not mount it to your motorcycle for Satnav / Intercoms / Music while your riding. If you ride a sportsbike or sports tourer motorcycle where you have limited space on your handlebars the fork stem attachment is the recommended mounting option.

    Why Ultimateaddons

    . Tough case offers full protection
    . IPX5 waterproof rating
    . 3 prong connection system
    . External power connection compatible
    . Camera - front & rear
    . Touch screen compatible
    . Access to most phone functions
    . Range of mounting attachments
  • Included

    1. Tough Case
    2. 25mm to 3 Prong Adapter
    3. Fork Stem Attachment


    1. 3" Extender

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