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U-Bolt Metal Cycle Mount with Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus


  • Want to cycle with your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus?  This hard waterproof mount case combined with the u-bolt handlebar attachment will allow you to do just that. Keeping your phone safe and clean throughout your journey
  • Compatibility

    1. Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus


    1. Waterproof design (rated to IPX5)
    2. Touch ID
    3. Waterproof buttons for Volume and Power Buttons
    4. Green Shock absorbing silicone layer
    5. Record video / take photos while mounted
    6. Easy access locking clips with 3 new pressure clips
    7. 3 prong connection system

    Touch Screen

    1. Touch screen can be used without gloves 
    2. Some gloves will work, need to be thin to allow static
    3. Touch screen pens work


    1. 180mm x 95mm x 25mm


    1. Bluetooth headset recommended for taking / making calls 
    2. Wired headset can also be used
  • Features

    1. Compatible with large range of bike styles
    2. 16mm-32mm diameter
    3. Two U-Bolt sizes available
    4. Strong aluminium
    5. 25mm / 1" ball connection

    Size Check

    1. Locate suitable position on bars 
    2. Two Sizes..16-20mm and 25-32mm

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