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That was a blast!

November 28, 2017

That was a blast!

Spent the weekend at Cannock Chase with Tara exploring around the trails. We headed out on the blue route first to get warmed up, its rather cold out there now cycling! Have brought my biking trousers out of retirement! 

The blue routes a nice gentle spin and takes you all around the forestry, its a nice peaceful pace compared to the Dog and Monkey trails. 

By this time it was lunch, we only ride to eat more cake right? Stopped off at the on site cafe and had jacket spud and of course a big slice of millionaire shortbread. We was ready to hit the Money then :)

Theres not a whole lot of elevation at cannock but they make great use our of whats around. Saying that theres a few decent climbs about, and descent to go with it. One of the new parts of the trail towards the start can be tricky, a very rocky rock garden. If you lose your speed you’ve had it, as Tara found its pretty hard to get going again but rather fun to go for it.

We worked our way around to Lower Cliff, this is where Tara gets rather excited a good few minutes descent and by the time your at the bottom your always hit with the same questions. One more go? Theres some great berms and little jumps on this run that we love.

We’d not packed any lights and with the dark nights we was running out of time. Quickly popped onto the blue family route and made our way back to the centre to be greeted by an awesome fiery sky.

Another awesome ride done. Where to next week?

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