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Yes! We ship all over the world and will always do our best to find a way to deliver our products to you wherever you are. If you are in Europe or the USA, we will generally deliver using Royal Mail air mail tracked shipping. If you are further afield couriers will vary. For uncommon locations we may use DHL.


If you are in Europe or the USA you will pay for air mail shipping, this will be included during checkout and will vary depending on the delivery location. If you will require delivery to an uncommon or regulated destination, then get in touch with us to discuss the best shipping method for you.

Delivery times vary widely depending on the country we are posting to. Within Europe delivery can be under a week, but we can never guarantee the efficiency of the postal system. For international deliveries it is best to check with the courier and use your tracking information to get an idea of timescale. If in doubt you can always contact us for an estimate.

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We have stockists all over Europe (and a few elsewhere), if you want to find the nearest retailer to you try searching your address here:



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We value quality highly and although a rare occurrence, any products that arrive to you with a fault or manufacturing defect we always want to hear about. We may request a picture or demonstration of the fault before we offer to refund you and/or replace your product and will always do our best to make sure you come away with a more positive experience.

We may charge you for return postage, but only if the issue you have experienced was due to a mistake or change of decision on your end. Any problems that are due to a faulty product or an order mistake processed by one of our representatives will not require any additional charges for the replacement of products.

We do our best to make sure you have a good experience, if however you have run into a serious issue or are unhappy with the service we have provided, please get in touch at sales@ultimateaddons.com or on the phone at +44 (0)1854 611172 to discuss and we will do our best to resolve your problem.


We have a lot of different mounts to ensure you can attach your phone no matter what you are riding. A good universal option is a handlebar mount, read through your options here:


If you are riding a sports bike you may be interested in our fork stem mounts that attach to the hole in the middle of your handlebar fork:


Another popular option is the top clamp which replaces a bolt on your bike top clamp and replaces it with a ball mount:


Using a scooter or have limited handlebar space? Try a mirror mount!


We have plenty of other options too, so if you have a specific need then get in touch because – chances are – we have a solution!

We have phone cases to fit virtually any model! Browsing the website tabs, you will see we have bespoke cases for all the major Apple and Samsung flagship phone models. However, that does not mean we do not have a phone case to fit your model! In addition to bespoke cases we also have 3 different universal phone cases which are designed to fit most of the remaining phone market. Unsure which you need? Try checking your phone dimensions against the internal dimensions of our cases or get in touch with us for a recommendation.

Universal Large: 143mm x 70mm

Universal XL: 158mm x 78mm

Universal XXL: 168mm x 78mm

Most of our mounting attachments are fully compatible with each other. The 3-prong attachment system is common to all our products and will allow you to move your phone case between multiple Ultimateaddons setups quickly and easily.

The same is true for our 1-inch ball connectors and extenders which will all work together effortlessly. The only products this is not the case for are the pro bike handlebar mount and the helix swivel handlebar mount which use smaller 17mm ball systems and are not cross compatible.

There is a reason we call them “Tough” cases. All our tough cases are IPX5 waterproof rated and are also dustproof and shockproof. We would not recommend dropping your bike on a dirt road, but we have had multiple customers who have and have been amazed to find their case and phone were completely unharmed (even if the rider was not)!

While our focus is on mounting solutions and phone cases, our products are also compatible with action cameras like the GoPro. Additionally, we stock a wide range of other “on the move” lifestyle products that you may be interested in – check out the Dango gripper mount!


If you already have a 1-inch ball from RAM or another manufacturer, you will find that all our ball-based (other than the helix swivel and pro bike) systems will work out of the box. If you are just buying a case to mount, make sure you purchase it with a “3 prong female” connector mount to allow attachment to the ball.

Yes! Look at the adaptors section under action cameras to see several options for mounting your action camera on our attachments.


Yes we do, you can find them located here https://ultimateaddons.com/collections/spare-parts

If you are looking for anything specific get in touch and we will help you out.


You may find you want to play with your volume settings or lock and wake your phone easily while it is in the case. Many of our customers have found that enabling assistive touch settings under accessibility on their phones makes this quite easy. The exact setup details for this will vary by manufacturer. For iPhone it can be seen here: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT202658

For Samsung: https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Tablets/Assistive-Touch/td-p/8934

All our tough cases come with a waterproof slot for charging cables allowing you to charge on the go in any weather. We offer several hardwire charging solutions allowing you to supply power directly from the battery:

Hard wire charging cable:


Dual USB hard wire charger:


If your bike has a DIN socket we also supply adaptors that will plug in and provide you with a female USB connection:



Yes, we supply very tough and rigid 3-inch extenders that can be used with any of our ball mounting systems for extra reach and flexibility: