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Dango Design Gripper Action Camera Mount

May 28, 2020

At Ultimateaddons we are obsessed with innovation and creating new and effective products that are an answer to a problem. Likewise for Dango Designs they wished to create a bespoke device specifically for motorcyclists that solved a big problem!

Dango Designs UK gopro action camera mount motorcycle

Action Cameras

With the advent of small, wearable video cameras such as the GoPro it would only become a matter of time till motorcyclists saw how useful they are for sharing your ride with like minded riders. Especially over the last couple of years, prices have dropped significantly in the action camera market, not to mention the increase in quality and the realisation of incredibly smooth image stabilization. The latest GoPro Hero  8 Black has a plethora of photography and video features including the stunning “HyperSmooth with Boost” Technology that rivals even mechanical video stabilizers in creating steady and smooth video. Even the more economical DJI Osmo Action has a very good stabilization system and shoots 4K video.


However even though the cameras themselves have become more cost effective and more feature packed we are still stuck with the same old GoPro style accessories and mounts that came with the first digital GoPro's. These are by no means suitable for motorcyclists and although they can be adapted they are still not great. Sticky fixers to helmets are never great and is definitely a risk that you will lose your £300 Action Camera especially with how strong the air blast can be on a motorcycle not to mention the hot and cold weather that can quickly fatigue even the highest quality self adhesive pads. Action Camera manufacturers all also appear to copy the Original GoPro accessories for the most part and therefore there are not many suitable or adaptable parts to allow you to attach an action camera such as a GoPro to your motorcycle.

Dango Designs UK gopro action camera mount for motorcycles

Dango Designs Gripper

With this in mind Dango set about creating a motorcycle specific product that was adaptable to allow riders to mount their action camera anywhere they choose easily. Especially to the Helmet and to allow the best “Point of View” viewing angle possible.The Dango Designs Gripper Action Camera mount for motorcycles is a totally new product that is revolutionising the way riders wear their cameras. The Camera mount point allows for 2 axis of rotation so you can get any angle of shot you like and the slim and stiff clamp design allows it to be easily slipped into tight situations where space is at a premium. 

Dango Designs UK action camera gopro mount for motorcycles

It’s built in robust dual torsional spring offers a high clamping force to securely mount your action camera to anything you choose should it be your helmet, engine bars or even your backpack strap. Unlike the standard self adhesive action camera accessories the Dango Designs Gripper can be reused over and over again! It also looks great and is available in a number of eye catching colour combinations.


Interested in The Dango Designs Gripper?

Dango Designs Gripper

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