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July 17, 2020 2 min read

Different motorcycle manufacturers tend to like to do things in a different way to their competitors and there tends to be very little in the way of a standard set up for motorcycles in the handlebar area.

Of course they all have brake levers, indicator pods and a clutch but due to the huge variation in bike styles handlebar lengths can be totally different as can the clamping area where the bars attach to the bike. 

Helix QR strap waterproof dustproof shockproof smartphone case

Due to this Ultimateaddons has many different attachments from mirror fittings to fork stem attachments. This allows us to be able to fit our waterproof, dustproof and shockproof smartphone cases to any bike on the market. However one of our most cost effective attachments, the HELIX QR actually nearly fits all bikes that have just 25mm of free handlebar space!

We designed our HELIX QR attachment specifically to be a quick and easy attachment system that will get any biker started with an Ultimateaddons waterproof, dustproof and shockproof smartphone case. THe Helix QR can also be moved between bikes quickly so if you have two or more in your stable you can quickly swap your Ultimateaddons waterproof, dustproof and shockproof tough case from one bike to the other.

To make things even better we have two versions of the Helix QR strap. The Standard Helix QR is a great option due to its low profile nature and the phone mounting plate can be rotated between landscape and portrait. For more visibility options we also have the HELIX SWIVEL QR which is a higher profile option that includes an excellent swivel neck that allows any viewing angle to be achieved through it’s miniature locking ball joint.


Helix QR strap waterproof dustproof shockproof smartphone case


Both our HELIX QR and HELIX SWIVEL QR attachment is infinitely adjustable between 21mm and 40mm so it can encompass both just normal bar widths and also the added thickness of the bar clamp found on many bikes. Both our HELIX QR and HELIX SWIVEL QR use a heavy duty screw system and rubber coated strap so your expensive iPhone or Samsung Galaxy will stay secure no matter what the road throws at it!


Helix QR strap waterproof dustproof shockproof smartphone case

If you would like to see our products in use in their natural habitat by our awesome online motorcycling community head over to our social media channels:





If you are interested in our Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof motorcycle smartphone cases for both Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone please follow the links below to your specific smartphone model.



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Galaxy S10 / S10+

iPhone 11

Galaxy S9 / S9+

iPhone XR

Galaxy S8 / S8+

iPhone XS Max

Galaxy Note Series

iPhone XS / X

Galaxy S7

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