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Ultimateaddons helps fight illegal riding

March 29, 2021


In some areas of the UK, especially in the North of England there is a current epidemic of illegal motorcycle use. A large part of this is the use of “off-road” only motorcycles on public highways such as the unpaved byways found in rural areas of Yorkshire and the Peak District.

Along with the fact that these riders are unregistered, untaxed and uninsured they cause untold damage to protected areas of the countryside as well as farmland and create a noise nuisance for the locals.

To combat this growing illegal trend as well as attempt to save taxpayers money through the refurbishment of the byways South Yorkshire Police have established a highly specialised task force to tackle this issue.

South Yorkshire Police Off Road Team

SYP Off Road Team

The South Yorkshire Off Road Team comprise very experienced Officers who are trained in riding Yamaha WR250F trail bikes that they use to apprehend and seize these illegally used off-road motorcycles as well as issue the owners with penalty notices.

South Yorkshire Police Ultimateaddons smartphone case

South Yorkshire Police Ultimateaddons smartphone case

They are also instrumental in providing supportive policing in the areas of South Yorkshire and providing a great source of reassurance for the locals in areas that are plagued by illegal off-roading. 

Many of these vehicles such as motorcycles and quad bikes are stolen and SYP Off Road Team have reunited many original owners with their pride and joy after apprehending the criminals who use them illegally.


Off-Road Challenge

As the SYP Off Road Team must navigate the woods and byways of Yorkshire they are reliant on good communication as well as good navigation. Smartphones are ideal for both these jobs but are relatively fragile and need protection from the elements. 

That's why we supplied SYP Off Road team with our waterproof and shockproof tough cases to keep their smartphones safe so they can easily navigate on the WRF250F motorcycles with ease. We supplied handlebar attachments which were quick and easy to attach but also ensured the officers smartphones would stay perfectly in place riding off-road on back lanes and unpaved byways.

 If you would like to know more or contact SYP Off Road team check out their Facebook page, Instagram page and website.





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