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Vibration Issues with iPhones - Update

May 18, 2022

As you may know, it was recently revealed, Apple has explicitly addressed riders concerns about iPhone cameras being susceptible to damage through motorcycle vibrations in September of 2021. Since giving our own statement on this topic almost a year ago now, we wanted to share an update on what has come to light through our product development including all our Motorcycle Accessories.

Ever since hearing this from Apple, we worked to find a way to ensure that our cases were as safe as possible for iPhone users. We completed a series of tests to get a better understanding of how well our current tough cases might dampen the vibrations felt from being attached to motorcycles.

We tested the products on a range of Vibration Issues with iPhones, simulating motorcycle engines from 125 cc up to 2000 cc, ridden at a range of different rpms. During testing, we kept constant observation on the camera and the effect of the vibrations on the clarity of the image.

As a result, we were able to identity a small window of low frequency vibrations where the camera began to degrade. However, most of the simulations proved that all Tough Cases tested would protect the phone from any damage through most vibration levels.

The tests proved that the silicone insert in the case acts as a dampener, allowing the phone to be protected when the case is used correctly in a motorcycle setup using Ultimateaddons products. The 25mm to 3 prong adapters which were used in the tests also proved to dampen some vibrations with its small rubber pad between the adapter and the attachment.

As shown in the graph below, there is a small window of low-level Vibration Issues with iPhones that poses a risk to the iPhone camera, and we are working to continue to develop our products to eliminate this window completely.

This graph shows the comparison between the movement felt by an iPhone being mounted directly to a motorbike and an iPhone being mounted to a motorbike in an Ultimateaddons Tough Case

Our development team are working hard to find a solution to this problem to ensure that all customers phones are safe from damage while using our products. The results from this research did show that our Tough Cases for iphone, dampen vibrations by a significant amount, especially higher frequency levels.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any queries about the cases available.

This shows an exploded image where you can see the differnet parts of the case and labelling which section is vibration dampening.

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