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January 09, 2020 2 Comments

Yamaha’s new Ténéré 700 is hot property. Winning accolades all round and with a clean sweep of great reviews, it’s safe to say that the bike has taken the adventure market by storm. One of the reasons for the bike’s success is the attention to detail on the little things dotted around the machine which makes the Ténéré 700 so good, such as the new frame off-road focussed details. Included in this list are the Dakar-styled clocks with an accessory bar mounted above them to put your device of choice.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a gap in the market for well-built mobile phone and sat nav mounts to fit onto the Ténéré 700’s 12mm bar as most focus on mounting to the handlebars.

The ULTIMATEADDONS MOTORCYCLE CROSSBAR 8-16MM ATTACHMENT is the perfect solution. This sturdy mount is the perfect attachment for the Ténéré 700’s crossbar and once mounted with your chosen device, really completes that Dakar look.

The Best Phone Case for your Yamaha Tenere 700

Why UltimateAddons make the best cases for the Ténéré 700

Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 is not designed for the fair-weather rider. It is meant to take everything the world can throw at it, whether that is commuting in all weather, mile-munching around the world or riding in some of the toughest terrain, full of bumps, knocks and scrapes. Therefore, whatever goes on the bike should hold up to the same abuse.

The UltimateAddons cases are designed to protect your phone from the harshest of scenarios without sacrificing the functionality of it. The cases are rugged, waterproof and designed to absorb the shock of a fall or knock. The attachments and 3-prong connection system are designed to keep your device firmly attached to your bike even when your bike goes down hard.

UltimateAddons make the best cases for the Tenere 700Mounting Guide

Like all of the UltimateAddons products, the 8-16mm Attachment is one of the simplest things you will bolt onto your bike, and everything you need to install it is included in the box, including the allen keys. There are two sets of bolts included in the box depending on the diameter of the bar you’re mounting on to. For the Ténéré, you’ll need the longer set.

Simply unscrew the bolts holding the attachment together, then place them over the crossbar, roughly in place. Thread the longer screws through the holes one at a time and tighten them to hold the two sections together on the bar. Move the attachment into position and tighten most of the way.

Before tightening off completely, you’ll want to attach the 3-prong adaptor along with whichever case you’ll be mounting. Put everything on and move it all about until it is exactly where you want it, after which, take the case off and tighten off the bolts completely.

As a final little attention to detail, the attachment comes with a set of blanking caps to go over the bolts and give it a clean finish and help protect them from the elements.


Adventurous Apps

Once you’re all set up with your new UltimateAddons phone mount, you’ll want to get your phone loaded up with the right software to help with your adventures. Here are three of our favourites:

Google Maps

This should be a given for anyone using their smartphone as an aid for their riding. Free worldwide maps with offline capability and live traffic updates. Combine with a Bluetooth headset or intercom for full turn-by-turn navigation. What more could you want?

OS Maps

If you fancy getting a little more adventurous with your Ténéré 700, then download the official OS Maps app. This app is perfect for scoping out the terrain and more importantly, finding legal byways and green lanes to ride along and get your bike muddy. Don’t worry if you fall off, the UltimateAddons mount will keep your phone secure on the bike.

Yamaha MyRide

With the MyRide app, your phone truly turns into an extension of your motorcycle. Yamaha’s accompanying app tracks your ride with a plethora of stats such as GPS, speed, lean angle, altitude, and acceleration. The community side of the app shows you routes from other riders in your area for inspiration, and to maybe find a new riding partner! 

Yamaha Ténéré 700 Phone Mount Kits

 Apple Samsung
iPhone 11 Pro Max Galaxy S10 / S10+
iPhone 11 Galaxy S9 / S9+
iPhone XR Galaxy S8 / S8+
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS / X
iPhone 6 7 8

Ultimateaddons Yamaha Ténéré Galaxy S10+ Review

Check out @9to5adv review at  https://9to5adv.com/ultimateaddons-updated-review/

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January 17, 2020

Hi Stefano yes the link is here https://ultimateaddons.com/collections/attachments/products/ultimateaddons-mirror-8-16mm-attachment

Stefano Puricelli
Stefano Puricelli

January 17, 2020

Hi I can purchase only the attachment for the cross bar because I have the case for my iPhone 8 thanks

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