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Drift Action Camera Motorcycle Helmet Gripper Mount

  • The best motorcycle helmet chin mount for Drift action cameras. Have you tried the Drift on the top of your helmet and not liked the perspective?

    Even with the GoPro being small, mounting it on the side of your helmet can become annoying because your helmet is not balanced. If you really want a FPV (first person view) perspective, you need to mount it as close to what you're looking at.

    This strong and secure mount will grip onto the chin section of your helmet and allow you to adjust the Drift to get the best view possible.

    Only Mount You Need
    The only mount you will need to capture all the action. Grip onto your helmet (chin), rest on the ground, clip to backpack, grip to seat (rearview), grip to fairing.
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    Key Features

    1. Perfect FPV view
    2. Suitable for 99% of helmets
    3. Suitable for motocross / adventure / road riding
    4. Strong & durable design
    5. Easy to attach & remove
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    1. 1 x Gripper Mount


    1. Adapter Pack