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February 03, 2020 2 Comments

At Ultimateaddons we are very excited to announce we are gett in ready to release our latest custom fit, waterproof and shockproof smartphone case!

For the top of the line iPhone 11 Pro it has had some serious upgrades over the standard iPhone 11 that makes it the perfect motorcycle adventure smartphone. This of course does mean that it incurs a relatively high no sim card price. Carphone warehouse currently has the lowest spec 64gb version in stock for£1049.00.

Let's look a little closer at the specs of the iPhone 11 Pro.

The Phone


Iphone 11 Pro motorcycle case

The triple lens main camera is a ridiculously good piece of technology. Voted best in class it can shoot in all conditions and features a 13mm Ultra wide lens, a 26mm wide lens with optical image stabilization and finally a 52mm telephoto lens so you can zoom right in without ruining the resolution of your photo. It also shoots 4k video in 60fps which is the highest of all smartphones available on the market. 

The downside to having three cameras is that you are three times more likely to run into issues with vibration from mounting to a motorcycle and also from shock and bumps related to outdoor travel. Don’t worry though, our iPhone 11 Pro smartphone case isn’t just waterproof, it’s dustproof and shockproof thanks to it’s custom fit elastomeric lining that fits snuggly against your£1049.00 smartphone!

The camera also features a totally re-engineered night mode that is perfect for shooting street photography while out riding your motorcycle or  when you have got to your hotel after a long days riding and just plan to nip out for a quick bite to eat.The selfie camera is also a great upgrade over the previous iPhone models and also features the new Night Mode as well as being able to shoot 4k video at 60fps! Both cameras round out the iPhone 11 Pro to be a great replacement for a dedicated video and photo camera for motorcycle adventure and travel riders.

Finally one of the most important upgrades is that Apple have increased the battery considerably. They are obviously well aware at the type of user this phone is aimed at and expect it to constantly be shooting high quality video and photos due to it’s great cameras. This is definitely going to require more juice so Apple state the new battery lasts up to four hours longer than the iPhone XS Max model. Either way it’s not a problem with our Ultimateaddons Hardwire kit that provides your power thirsty iPhone 11 Pro with all the electricity it needs while your out on the bike! 


The Case

iphone 11 pro smartphone case waterproof motorcycle

As with all our rugged, waterproof and shockproof smartphone cases we spend a great deal of time in research and development to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience both with the protection of their expensive smartphones but also in the everyday useability and ergonomics. Because of our strong company values and customer loyalty we maintain a five star “Excellent” rating on trustpilot.

As we design all our smartphone cases for a custom fit we spent a great deal of time examining the dimensions of the iPhone 11 Pro. By creating a custom fit elastomeric cushion we provide the highest level of shock protection of any smartphone case as well as the highest vibration damping which is of extreme importance when using your iPhone 11 Pro smartphone as a navigation device mounted to your motorcycle handlebars. Phone cameras are especially susceptible to damage from high frequency vibration and are at exactly the same frequency a motorcycles engine and frame resonates. Without adequate vibration damping your phone camera will become damaged and unusable. We have put our smartphone cases through tens of thousands of miles of punishing terrain to ensure that you will never have a camera fail from vibration in an Ultimateaddons smartphone case.


Our rugged, waterproof and shockproof motorcycle smartphone case is now available to buy from both our online shop and as well as our extensive network of motorcycle gear retailers up and down the UK. Simply select the model of phone you have and the type of motorcycle attachment systems you would like to use and you are all set to use your latest iPhone 11 Pro for all of your motorcycle navigating and travel needs!

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March 16, 2020

I had a Samsung s8 before my iPhone 11 Pro and literally only two days ago had to trim the rubber inside the case so that my new phone would fit! Wish I had known this was coming out, should of waited!

Dominik Martyniak
Dominik Martyniak

February 17, 2020

As soon as you release it let me know please:)

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