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Worried about vibration issues?

October 12, 2021 1 Comment

You may have become aware of reported damage to cameras caused by motorcycle engine vibrations following a statement by Apple this year. While these issues are restricted only to Apple iPhone devices, we want to give a brief statement on our experience of and response to this issue.

We first became aware of the issue in 2017 when iPhone 10/X users began to report issues to other case manufacturers. We didn’t have any issues reported with our cases until 2020, after the release of the iPhone 11 series which seems to be the main source of concern. To date, we’ve only seen 0.01% of issues reported vs. the number of motorcycle tough cases we’ve sold, which we hope is more than enough to give our customers a high degree of confidence.

We’ve investigated every reported issue to see if we can find a potential link, and it appears that it’s mainly an issue for smaller capacity engines running at max revs for long periods. Terrain doesn’t seem to be a factor.

At Ultimateaddons we're always testing and innovating to improve our range. The silicone inserts in our cases have natural vibration dampening, which we believe is the leading reason that we’ve had so few issues reported compared to competitors. Regardless, we definitely want to get 0.01% to 0% so we’re currently trialling extra vibration resistance on our product range with products that should be available soon.

Thank you for continuing to use our products and if you have any questions at all please get in touch with our expert support team at sales@ultimateaddons.com.

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M lambert
M lambert

August 22, 2022

Phone (Sony Experia) loses GPS signal due to vibration on motorcycle.

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