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Motorcycle Heated Grips 2022 PATTERN (ORIGINAL)

  • Ultimateaddons high-end advanced heated motorcycle grips will keep your hands warm whatever the weather. The grips feature an integrated switch and five different temperature settings allowing you to adjust your comfort on the move. 

    120mm or 130mm in length & 22mm diameter, the grips are easy to fit and use out of the box.  Please note that the grip pattern on this version is our 2022 design as per the image above.

    Modern styling with no external bulky control.

    5 Temperature Controls
    Adjust the heat to suit the climate and style of gloves.

    LED Colour Guide
    Easy to see what setting the heated grips are set to.

    Fast To Get Up To Temperature
    Quick response from turning on to heating up.

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    1. Red = 100%
    2. Orange = 80%
    3. Yellow = 60%
    4. Green = 40%
    5. Blue = 20%
    1. 120mm / 22mm (most common)
    2. 130mm / 22mm
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. 1 x Heated Grip Set
    2. 1 x Heated Grip Glue
    3. 1 x Instructions

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