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Samsung Galaxy S21+ Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Case & Adapter

  • Your Samsung Galaxy S21+ deserves a waterproof case that can keep it well protected. We have years of experience in designing the best cases and motorbike phone holders for motorcyclists, allowing you to use apps on the go and avoid paying for an expensive GPS unit. Make the most of what's already in your pocket.
    Our adapter selection allows mounting to any Ultimateaddons 25mm ball mounts or existing GPS plate setup. 

    The 3 prong mounting system is super secure to keep your precious device firmly attached at all times.

    Fully compatible with your touch screen gloves, allowing all normal phone features to be accessed while remaining waterproof.

    All our cases are equipped with a snug fit silicon lining to dampen shocks on your phone and keep it protected.

    With a camera as powerful as the one on the S20 Ultra, you don't want to miss the perfect opportunity for a roadside snap.Click To Open
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    Complete Protection

    1. IPX5 Waterproof
    2. Dustproof
    3. Absorbing silicone layer, reduces vibrations
    4. Touch screen compatible
    5. Clear camera protector panel
    6. Removeable 3 prong connection


    1. 1: 5 point sealing system - locking clips
    2. 2: 5 point sealing system - pressure clips
    3. 3: UA charger access
    4. 4: Microphone / speaker
    5. 5: Lanyard / security strap connector
    6. 6: Removeable 3 prong
    7. 7: Front and Rear camera window
    8. 8: Dedicated shock absorbing insert
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    What Adapter?

    1. 3 prong female, designed to work with any 25mm male ball head.
    2. 3 prong male, designed for extenders.
    3. AMPS, designed to be mounted to AMPs adapter
    4. AMPS V2, quick release designed to be mounted to AMPs adapter.
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    1. 1 x Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Motorcycle Tough Case
    2. 1 x Safety Lanyard
    3. 1 x USB Charging cable
    4. 1 x Ultimateaddons Motorcycle Adapter of your choice

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